Our favourite hymns

Before the Throne of God Above
I love this song because it lifts me up to know that our God is always there for me. He knows each one of us intimately and is our strength and power when things are tough. The last verse makes me feel loved, hopeful and thankful because of what Jesus did for me, the great unchangeable I AM, my Saviour and my God. Gives me goosebumps x
Rev Tracey

You Never Let Go
The first time I heard this song it sent shivers down my spine. The words;
“I will fear no evil
For my God is with me
And if my God is with me
Whom then shall I fear?”

just echo around my head so often. Such a wonderful song and a glorious reminder that nothing is greater than God’s love.

Caliban’s Dream
I love the imagery of the children lighting the way.

Great is Thy Faithfulness
One of the Hymns that I relate to is ‘Great is thy Faithfulness’ – it’s a two-way thing of ‘faith in each other’ – God keeps believing in me and my need for him, and I know he is always with me – sometimes hiding in the background, waiting to guide me through whatever problem there is – and he gives ALL of us what we need – especially during this Pandemic.

Onward Christian Soldiers
When I was a boy I was in the choir of our local Church (St Michael’s) and we loved singing the rousing hymns and this is one of the best. Some critics don’t like its military connotations (but there are others such as ‘Fight the good fight’ & ‘Soldiers of Christ arise’) and I think many people are stirred by a strong marching tune. The Salvation Army doesn’t have any trouble with its title and their music is usually rousing. In fact, battles are a large part of our faith (think of Jericho [Josh.Ch.60], David & Goliath [1 Sam.17] and most momentous of all when Michael waged war in heaven and cast Satan out [Rev.12, v7-9]. In the world at large I think that it is about time we declared our faith more strongly.

I don’t have trouble with reference to ‘one in doctrine’ because I think this represents an aspiration, and our special church is one small step along the road to fulfilling that aspiration.

I love the last verse: ‘Onward then ye people, join our happy throng…..

Shine Jesus Shine
This hymn reminds me that Jesus’ love is shining on me, that there is always hope.

Finding Albie
I like this because it’s about looking for someone or something and eventually finding them/it

Walk with me O my Lord
As a person who loves walking and the outdoors, I find the words and music of this song inspirational and motivating.