Our School

We are very proud of our close relationship with our local church school in Cinnamon Brow.

As our school is a Voluntary Aided Church of England School, the Church Parish Council and the Diocese appoints members of the Church Community to be governors of the school. These governors are called Foundation Governors and in addition to the normal responsibilities of a governor, they ensure that the Church of England character of the school is preserved and developed.

Familiarisation with our church begins in the Foundation Stage when children visit church for acts of worship where they sing songs, listen to Bible based stories and learn about Christian services such as Baptisms and Weddings.

A member of the Church Community, usually Rev Tracey, regularly leads the whole school in an act of worship.

At Harvest, Christmas and Easter the children present services in church.

There are a group of children from years 2-6 who are in a group called the Worship Wonders. This group have regular meetings, they learn more about Bible stories and themes, in a fun interactive way (plays and puppets) and they enjoy coming to church to get involved in the family services.

Image of a poster for the worship wonders

Older children take part in a Holy Communion service and have the option of taking Confirmation classes when they are in Year 6. Covid 19 prevented us from holding confirmation classes this year, but this is what the children would have signed up to!

Children from our local community primary school (Brook Acre) and from Cinnamon Brow attend our Messy Church

Rev Tracey using science instead of the Spirit to walk on water!