Our Church

“Through friendly worship for all, we aim to grow in Christ, in faith and in strength.”

Why is our Church so special?

In 1984, Bishop David Shepherd and Archbishop Derek Warlock, close friends with a common philosophy of “better together”, put forward a proposal for a shared church to be built on land originally designated for a Roman Catholic church. The project was discussed and approved by both congregations. The construction plans were drawn up and after much tough decision-making the foundation stone of the new joint church was laid in July 1988.

The decision was made to unite the names of the two churches into one: “The Church of the Resurrection and of St Bridget”. In September 1989 the building was opened with a Service of Dedication. A cross, donated by the Bishops, was placed on the wall behind the altar. An upper room was added to the building in the early 1990s.

The Resurrection Cross
Church of England churches traditionally use a plain cross, whilst Roman Catholic churches, use a crucifix. At Church of the Resurrection and St Bridget we have a wonderful compromise. The resurrected Jesus is on our cross.

In November 1995 Revd. Michael Mills departed for another parish and Revd. Steve Elstob succeeded him as Vicar in June 1996. steve departed in September 2007. Revd. Denise Williams joined us in 2008 until her retirement in January 2015.

Revd Tracey McLoughlin joined us in Feb 2016. She brought a new vision to the church and we saw our church grow in ways we never imagined! Including forming closer and stronger links with our Roman Catholics brothers and sisters at St Bridget’s.

Revd Tracey retired in 2022 but we still celebrate at Church on Sunday mornings at 9.30am. You are very welcome to join us.